April 9, 2022

Supply Chain Shenanigans

Supply Chain Shenanigans

Coffee is a necessity for some of us, especially your every curious cohosts. 

That said, sometimes we visit coffee shops for Fun Coffee That Someone Else Makes. Case in point: Jaime's Desire for a Blended Frapp. Preferably Something Mocha-esque.

Jaime lives in a small-ish town where the ordinances don't allow for food/drink locations to have drive thrus, so a trip to Starbucks requires a trip inside the building. To deal with humans. Like, she has to leave the car. Allow me to reassure you, dear reader, this is not her preferred activity when picking up a fast food-esque beverage.

So she orders online, waits for the prescribed time, enters The Starbucks Location and ... has to order something else, because somehow Starbucks is COMPLETELY OUT OF CHOCOLATE SAUCE. 

Nevermind that this store is in the same shopping center as a grocery store..... Starbucks beverages must be made with ONLY the Starbucks Special Chocolate Sauce, apparently.

Is the lack of sauce due to supply lines? Is it post-pandemic-panic ordering? Is there a Super Special Chocolate Sauce Shortage?!?!?!!!!

The world may never know

But! One thing we do know now that Jaime is a fan of chai creme frappucinos. Sometimes when life takes a weird turn, you just go with it and maybe it all works out for the best.

What weird/unexpected supply line issues have you had to navigate lately?