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Episodes we've created revolving around governance in These United States.
April 15, 2022

In Pursuit Of: Loopholes in Liberty

Continuing the “Pursuit of” series, Kevin and Jaime are talking about liberty and the criminal justice system in America. They’re…

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April 7, 2022

In Pursuit of Liberty

Continuing the “Pursuit of” series, Jaime takes a look at Liberty in the US: How it is defined, expectations of liberty, and how …

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April 1, 2022

Pursuit of: Life in these United States

Following up on Kevin’s deep dive into the state of available water, food, and shelter in the USA, our dynamic duo meets up in th…

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Nov. 10, 2021

Mind the Gap: Wealth in the US

Content Warnings: Adult Language Kevin and Jaime discuss far a trillion dollars can stretch, billionaire midlife crisis mobiles,…

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Oct. 6, 2021

Dream: A More Perfect Union

Content Warning: Adult Language The next dream episode! Where Kevin and Jaime dream about a better way to govern. If all the b…

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Sept. 22, 2021

Tex-sus: SB8. Seems Suspicious

Feelings are running high for one of our hosts and the other is out of spoons. Today, Kevin and Jaime discuss Texas SB8: the late…

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Sept. 1, 2021

Cyberbullying: Impacts on America’s Youth

Kevin and Jaime discuss their past experiences with bullying and how bullying online seems to be a growing issue in society today…

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Aug. 25, 2021

1A: Freedom from Screenshots

Content Warning: Strong Sexual Innuendo and Adult Language Kevin and Jaime are talking about freedom in this episode. Specific…

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Aug. 4, 2021

2A: Stop Shooting People, America

Kevin and Jaime, who had so much to say on this topic that they forgot to talk about coffee, dig into gun laws in the USA. CW: Di…

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