Oct. 27, 2021

Horror Movies: Then & Now

Horror Movies: Then & Now

In a scary twist, Jaime has gone missing and Kevin has been left alone with his mic... or has he?

Content Warnings: Language, Discussions of Suicide, Graphic Violence, Rape, Assault

In this episode Friend Kevin assembles a panel to discuss classic horror movies and their modern remakes. This roundtable panel of horror junkies discuss similarities, easter eggs, and what they like or disliked about the movie. Listen in as Friends Kevin, Mandolin Factual, Forrest and Briar dig into the deeper questions like “did they really cut off Bruce Campbell's hand?”

Their expertise in regards to horror movies? A love of the weird and suspenseful. 

Their qualifications to discuss the topic? Random life experience and caffeination during recording sessions.

Basically, anything they discuss? Don’t take their word for it - but they hope you enjoy the show!

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Coffee and common ground this week 

In Kevin’s Cup: La Colombe Vanilla cold brew

In Mandolin’s Cup: Apple Cinnamon Herbal Tea | Tim Hortons

In Forrest’s Cup: Irish Breakfast Tea Irish Breakfast Tea - A Superior Taste for Breakfast

In Briar’s Cup:  Costa Rica - Hacienda Rio Negro — Mighty Good Coffee 



Evil Dead

The Thing

Nightmare on Elm Street


“You don't have a seasoned coffee cup! It’s not a thing.”

“Time to wear epic hats and burn everything”

“It’s the 80’s, we use real dynamite”

“That really rustles my jimmies, in a good way”

Show us your common sense:

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